Show monthly collections of your twitter stream, or get the monthly stream of any twitter account as you like it.

Type in account name i.e. @nephroVIP:
Type from:@nephroVIP into the blue box to show only contents derived from the account. Otherwise twit-to-user are included.

Twitter is an instant knowledge transmitting system and it is intended to show the most actual items. Small twitter accounts can be scrolled as-is entirely, but accessing vintage backfile content from larger accounts of about 2-20 k posts per year is a frustrating task. Twitter has a built-in archive system which retrieves higher-rated historical contents up/down-to 2006 on really old accounts. Here, I have made a simple page which generates a month-based calender system which opens twitters built-in archive engine. It is a dumb task to use twitters day-based calendars for this unless you want to access only fresh contents of the last few months. The system I provided seems to work quite valid, if a month seems to be non-validly omitted, the settings in the browsers linkline can be changed appropriately at twitter's level. Twitter is quite selective in what gets retrieved by a search; it is possible that information will be omitted by using twitters search engine vs. accessing an account in the standard mode of operation.
Feel free to directly copy-paste & use a link from this resource targeting your or some other account.